All identified Trichoderma proteins were evaluated for the typica

All identified Trichoderma proteins were evaluated for the typical topology of seven transmembrane regions and, if conducive, a manual editing of candidate GPCR sequences was performed including movement of exon-intron boundaries and sequence extension or truncation. This total set of analyses resulted in the identification of 65 and 76 putative GPCRs in T. atroviride and T. ABT-737 molecular weight virens, including 38 and 52 PTH11-like receptors, respectively, which are facing

58 predicted GPCRs in the T. reesei genome (Table 1). Among the PTH11-like receptors, a protein exhibiting 15 transmembrane domains was found in all three Trichoderma species. An orthologue

of this putative GPCR has previously been identified in M. grisea and A. nidulans[2] suggesting conservation of this particular receptor. Table 1 Classification of putative GPCRs identified in the genomes of T. atroviride, T. virens, and T. reesei GPCR class T. atroviride T. virens T. reesei Characteristics/domains I (pheromone receptors) ID 36032 ID 147400 ID 64018 (HPR1) STE2-type II (pheromone receptors) ID 147894 ID 40681 ID 57526 (HPR2) STE3-type III (related to A. nidulans GprC, GprD, and GprE) ID 246916 ID 29548 ID 59778 Git3 (G protein-coupled glucose receptor) domain IV (nitrogen sensors) ID 238619 ID 41902 ID 80125 PQ-loops ID 300620 ID 83179 ID 4508 V (cAMP receptor-like) ID 160995 (Gpr1) ID 33049 ID 123806 Secretin-family/ Dicty_CAR domain ID 50902 (Gpr2) ID 51368 Selleckchem Talazoparib ID 72004 ID 83166 ID 67397 ID 72627 ID 81233 ID 57873 ID 72605 SPTLC1 VI (GPCRs containing RGS domain) ID 293686 ID 45779 ID 63981 RGS-domain ID 40423 ID 78031 ID 81383 ID 210761 ID 40202 ID 37525 VII (related to rat growth hormone releasing factor) ID 133045 ID 146164 ID 53238 Secretin-like VIII (related to human steroid receptor mPR) ID 290047

ID 30459 ID 119819 HlyIII-superfamily ID 210209 ID 47976 ID 68212 ID 142946 ID 160502 ID 70139 ID 46847     ID 152366 ID 194061   ID 142943 ID 92622 ID 82246 ID 136196 ID 180426 ID 56426 IX (microbial opsins) ID 210598 0 0 Bac_rhodopsin X (similar to PTM1) ID 210445 ID 90826 ID 5979 Lung_7TM superfamily XI (similar to GPCR89) ID 93659 ID 160103 ID 107503 ABA_GPCR domain XII (family C-like GPCRs) ID 130836 ID 179509 ID 55374   XIII (related to GPR11 of P. sojae) ID 136442 ID 13017 ID 120238 DUF300 superfamily ID 152316 ID 15638 ID 27948 ID 296436     PTH11-like 38 members 52 members 35 members related to M. grisea PTH11 receptor Proteins were grouped into classes according to phylogenetic analyses (Figure 1, Additional file 1). A list of PTH11-like GPCRs is given in Additional file 2.

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