Retrospective analysis of patient records over a 24-month period,

Retrospective analysis of patient records over a 24-month period, looking at CBCT examinations performed on subjects under 18 years of age. Clinical indications, region of interest, scan field of view (FoV), incidental findings and exposure factors used were recorded. There were 294 CBCT examinations performed in this age group, representing 13.7% of all scanned patients. CBCT was used more frequently in the >13 year age group. The most common use was for localisation of unerupted teeth in the anterior maxilla Copanlisib mw and the detection of root resorption.

Optimisation of X-ray exposures did not appear to be consistent. When planning a CBCT service for children and young people, a limited FoV machine would be the appropriate choice for the majority of clinical requirements. It would facilitate clinical evaluation of scans, would limit the number of incidental findings and contribute to optimisation of radiation doses. “
“Children and adolescents with cystic fibrosis (CF) are believed to be at low risk for dental caries, but this paradigm has not been critically see more evaluated. To conduct a qualitative systematic review of the international literature on dental caries prevalence in children and adolescents with CF and make recommendations on future CF-related oral health research priorities. The Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses

(PRISMA) statement was used to identify relevant studies published between 1960 and 2013. The search resulted

in 696 studies. Fifteen publications were included in the qualitative systematic review. Ten studies concluded that children with CF had significantly lower caries prevalence than control children, three studies reported that children with CF had higher caries prevalence, and two studies found no difference by CF status. Of the seven studies including age-based subgroup analyses, only one study supported the current paradigm. All studies had limitations that may bias study results. While children with CF may be a lower risk for dental caries, adolescents with CF may not be at lower caries than those Tenofovir price without CF. Additional research is needed to evaluate a potentially flawed paradigm regarding caries risk in children and adolescents with CF. “
“International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry 2011; 21: 217–222 Background.  More than one-quarter of New Zealand children are overweight or obese. Research on the causes of obesity has found associations with high consumption of sweetened foods and beverages, which have also been shown to be risk factors for dental caries, but studies investigating a possible association between dental caries and obesity have had conflicting findings. Aim.  The aim of this study was to determine whether deciduous dental caries experience was associated with BMI among paediatric dental clinic attenders. Design.

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