Thereafter, Process improvements can be derived from those best p

Thereafter, Process improvements can be derived from those best practices best practices. Combining this methodology with intelligent approaches for simulation, prioritization between different improvement measures becomes possible. Because industrial maturity models are based on a virtual best practice combination composed of real-world practice elements from various organizations, the question arises how this principle can be applied to healthcare systems. In our clinical maturity model named “Act

on Stroke”, we implemented all relevant clinical guidelines, as well as latest results in stroke research based on clinical and scientific evidence. We performed best practice visits in institutions well known for their excellent stroke ABT-263 mw Ruxolitinib service and included experience from more than 400 consulting projects in healthcare. In the end, our data resulted in a clinical maturity model addressing optimized stroke care. Best practice visits and pilot projects in hospitals with experienced department heads in stroke care were performed and provided further promising results which again were introduced into the methodology. Indeed, heads of the departments certified that all relevant strengths and weaknesses of their services have been identified

by using this clinical maturity model. Proposals for process improvements have also been helpful to them. Meanwhile, the first regular projects have been carried out successfully, and the results are currently in preparation for publication. For more than 40 years, maturity models have been helpful in software industry in order to improve processes and, as a consequence, leading to better outcomes. This principle has been used for the optimization of clinical processes, as well. Healthcare is dealing with human beings, however, has and the applicability of industrial processes had to be discussed carefully. The content for the definition of the virtual best practice is of clinical and scientific relevance, and it has to Docetaxel purchase be specified who defines it. From our point

of view this should be done as a joint venture by experienced stroke physicians in cooperation with specialists experienced in process optimization. Care has to be taken that the patient’s needs and the adherence to clinical guidelines are the most important and that the maturity level is respecting this. A not yet fully solved problem is how to deal with improvement measures to processes or requirements not yet based on clinical evidence. It has been shown [16] and [17] that improvement of key measures lead to better outcome even if they are as such not based on large randomized trials. The fact that some requirements are based on clinical evidence while others are not, has to be met by the particular methodology of “Act on Stroke” and a solution for this issue has been implemented.

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