In absolute terms, cardiovascular

In absolute terms, cardiovascular buy Veliparib events were reported as the most frequent cause of death among Dutch citizens abroad and they occurred mainly in the European region where the majority of Dutch citizens spent their vacations. As might be expected for cardiovascular deaths, the mortality rate increased with age and occurred more frequently in males. It is certainly interesting to note that travel to destinations outside Europe was associated with an even higher mortality risk when the absolute number of travelers to a designated WHO region was taken into account. This finding

was particularly prominent for travelers to Africa. These observations suggest that environmental changes like a tropical climate and changes in physical activity associated with vacation pose a serious challenge to the cardiovascular system of the traveler. These findings are in line with reports of fatalities among American,3,7,8 New Zealand,4,5 Scottish,12 Canadian,10,11 and Australian14 citizens, who also consistently show that cardiovascular problems are the leading causes of

natural deaths abroad. In addition, travel to Africa also carries a higher mortality risk due to a fatal injury or accident. A plausible explanation might be that severe traffic accidents are more common in these regions, given a recent WHO global status report on road safety (available at For illustration, over 90% of the world’s fatalities on the roads occur in low-income and middle-income countries, which have less than half of MK0683 order the world’s vehicles. In our study, local driving conditions and unfamiliarity with roads were frequently reported as precipitating factors contributing to fatal traffic accidents. Other precipitating conditions that related to injury death were interaction with marine wildlife and adventure activities. These findings are in line with the findings of a study of United Nations Transition Assistance Group

mission in Namibia in which a fatality rate of 0.21 per million km driven was found, which was more than 10-fold higher as the fatality rate recorded in military population in industrialized countries.19 Interestingly, the high fatality rate in Namibia occurred Unoprostone despite the absence of dense traffic. Infectious diseases, although a common cause of illness among travelers, are usually not reported as a frequent cause of death. Nevertheless, travel to Africa and Southeast Asia was associated with a significantly increased risk of death due to a fatal infection as compared with travel within Europe. As in most countries, the prevention of these infections is subject of discussion in our current travel health advice and the success of this approach may be exemplified by the reassuringly low number of fatal infections in our survey and in those of others.

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